Monday, April 13, 2009

What to do?

Today I am preparing for our moving sale and procrastinating my way through some personal business involving taxes and a dental surgery co-pay. The job boards have meager offerings, but then I’m not ambitiously seeking today. I have a few upcoming deadlines, but there's time to work on the move and tying up loose ends. The next 3 weeks will go by very quickly so it’s best to start now and save myself a stressful scramble toward the end.

Boredom has been a constant companion here in Olympia. In Portland I will be surrounded by so many more opportunities and creative outlets. I have been thinking about joining a writing group. The Attic looks like it has a lot to offer and the public service aspect of Write Around Portland really intrigues me.

Beyond writing, Portland offers much to feed my arts and crafts passion. The DIY movement has strong roots in PDX and I can't wait for the 2nd Sunday in May to attend Crafty Wonderland. When we move, almost everything is going into storage at first, but my sewing stuff is definitely coming with me! It seems Mufftastic is destined to be launched from Portland. Above is one of my favorite Mufftastic designs. I've been looking for the best method to transfer images like this into fabric.

I really don't recall ever being bored in Portland. Justin and I were just there for the weekend and for less than $10 we had a lovely springtime date. Beginning with a drink at the Alberta Street Public House, we walked around until dusk, admiring the beautiful old Four Square and Victorian houses in the neighborhoods we are looking to move into early this summer.

There are endless things TO DO, and once the move is complete I look forward to taking a few days to just BE.

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