Monday, April 20, 2009

Mission Driven

There are many reasons I've chosen self employment. Overall, I work very hard and dedicate my very essence to the work I do. Self employment allows me to choose the companies and organizations I work for and ensures that my work doesn't support a cause that goes against my personal ethics.

In the past, I have worked for several mission driven organizations: the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Alaffia and Project Network. Working for mission driven companies demonstrated to me that it's possible to acheive personal economic stability while participating in social change. Working in fashion retail I even managed to make it my mission to help my customers find beauty in their reflection or at the very least, be the kindest person they would encounter all day.

The mission of my business, Scribe Writing, is to write about the things that move me and to use my creativity to influence positive change in the world. By providing creative and professional services to businesses and organizations that promote a healthier, more sustainable marketplace, I manifest this mission.

Marigold, one of my current clients, is a perfect example of the kind of company I want to work with. Marigold is engaged in fair trade, women's empowerment, cultural preservation and they use vegan textiles. They offer a range of really fashionable and beautiful clothing, accesories and house wares. As a former high-fashion junkie (who still needs 3 closets, one of them a walk-in, so I can hardly claim reform) I am so impressed with the designs, craftsmanship and price point of their line.

I have always envisioned a societal turn back toward nature and hope to see the green movement continue to thrive and for sustainable lifestyles to become the norm. I am fiercely independent and I count among my life's goals to be off-grid for my energy needs and to grow most of my own food. Now this personal philosophy of mine is fueling my career and there's a great sense of wholeness that comes from that.

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