Monday, April 6, 2009


Working from home is my dream come true. There are so many reasons why this lifestyle suits me best. I need the flexibility to work in the early morning when the world is still and dark and I find a magical pre-Dawn creative current. I also need the freedom to take a bike ride or practice yoga at mid-day and the simple luxury of wearing a vintage kimono and listening to punk rock or Edith Piaf while I work.

The house I live in now is absolutely perfect for working at home. When I've reworked a piece for the 3rd time and need to step away and refresh before giving it another go, I can take a walk around our beautiful acre of yard that meets up with forested wetlands. I see deer tracks in the strawberry patch, bunnies running in and out of the berry brambles and green/black snakes among the Oriental poppy and peppermint. Or I can take a walk within this gorgeous house and admire the stone fireplace, mahogany inlay floors and starburst deco-style window panes.

Justin and I had been dreaming of a big old house for months while living in Portland and events conspired to bring us to Olympia. Moving to this 1930's farmhouse was a long drink of architectural nectar after being aesthetically parched in our efficient little townhouse with beige carpet, blinds and view of I-84. Here we have our own little island of tranquility with a barn, fruit trees and enough space to literally wander the grounds - how's that for an afternoon break?

Today begins one of our few remaining weeks here and a new roof is being installed on the house. Just as well we are moving now, the old roof was one of my favorite features of this house. Gently curled shake shingles gone silvery brown with age and a patina of lush brilliant green moss made the house look like an enchanted cottage. I'm sure this isn't good for the roof, but it was so lovely to behold! We rescued a few shingles from the roofers' bin for posterity.

Despite the construction racket, I am thrilled to be working in my home office. Gomez, like all good cats is simultaneously irritated by and afraid of the noise, and is staying close by all day. Right now I am trying to absorb the inherent tranquility and loveliness of each room. Even the stairwell, with 25' ceiling and bright Western exposed window holds a sense of majesty. We will miss this house terribly. Olympia however, has proved to be unsatisfying for Justin and I and we have much to get back to in Portland. This has been the second, and last time attempt I will make to live in Olympia!

This may be the most beautiful house I have lived in (so far!), but absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. While we must pack up the lovely lovely home we have created here, and it sounds like the roofers are dismantling my home right above me, my heartsickness for this beautiful place can't beat the homesickness for neices and nephews, brothers and sisters, parents and friends, not to mention a massive creative community and gorgeous old houses on every block.

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