Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Autumn roses, the Pittock legacy and the spirit of Portland

Last week in a warm gusty day the sun and earth aligned just so; the autumnal equinox

Among my favorite places to visit in Portland is the Pittock Mansion. Another of my favorites, this time photographic subjects, are flowers. These roses are from the garden at the Pittock Mansion. I'd like to imagine they may be some of the very plants that sparked the Rose Festival, a Portland tradition Georgiana Pittock is credited with originating.

A dynamic and community minded couple, the Pittocks played major roles in the development of Portland's spirit. Henry Pittock took ownership of the Weekly Oregonian in 1860, changing its format to the daily paper we read today. He was also one of the first to ascend Mount Hood and he ultimately built a large commercial empire that included everything from real estate to mining. Georgiana helped carve a way for women's independence in the early days of the Rose City. She helped found the Ladies Relief Society in 1867, whose Children’s Home provided care, food, and shelter for needy children. Georgiana also worked with the Woman’s Union, and played a key role in building the Martha Washington Home for single, working women.

And I think of my dynamic couple-ship - the mufftastic Siosal union. What we intend to create -

Legacy - a noun; as in a legacy from a great aunt
A legacy or bequest, inheritance, heritage, endowment, gift, patrimony, settlement, birthright;
formally, benefaction.

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