Saturday, April 3, 2010

To blog, or not to blog

As the number of weeks and then months increased since I last made an entry on this blog, I began to question why I started this blog to begin with, and what I wanted out of the experience.
From a business networking and SEO standpoint having a blog is important, especially for an entrepreneurial writer like me. I also have a desire to share my musings and the things that are important to me, especially art, poetry, gardening, social and animal justice. Having an online diary also serves some less well-defined urge to make a lasting imprint on our collective human history. Feelings like that make me wonder, will digital information outlast bound books? Anyway, these motivators have been revving their engines, and despite my writing for other blogs, there's a voice that doesn't usually speak when I write for those publications that needs to speak. 

The blogs I most enjoy following are the personal narrative style, like I am not afraid of winter and Urban Soul Flower. There's something about how open both of those writers are that I love. They invite us in and even offer a peek inside the medicine cabinet. But I wonder, am I that brave? Something inside me wants to - the urge subtle and magnetic, a genetic shove toward immortality. Beyond these more biological/philosophical reasons for writing or creating in general, my career is finding its rhythm and I am now ready to bring Skull & Quill back into the mix. I've been so focused on launching Touchstones of the Sacred and working on a blog as a business is a blast, but it's not at all what I want to do with Skull & Quill.

I think I've known all along what I wanted to do with this blog, I guess I just needed a break. So here I am, wow I just realized almost a year to the day that I began Skull & Quill (April 6, 2009).

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